Google Sheets automatic variable insert detection

I don't know whether you too have developed bots and their google sheet based on the structure of our bot. In this situation (which corresponds to the totality of my bots) I find it really very cumbersome and time-consuming, especially for sheets with many fields, to have to manually add every single cell and associate (always manually typing) every single variable. don't you think it could be much simpler and quicker at UX and UI level to have an option to automatically add all the fields of our excel sheet and already have the related variable (with the same name of the excel cell added? Even adding a function that in the field of the variable to be linked allows the name of the cell in the google sheet to be copied would be very, very convenient. I also take advantage of this request to expose the same situation for text fields in which variables are entered where it could be very useful to be able to add them all with a single click without having to retrieve them individually. I think it would be easier to remove any unnecessary variables. What do you think?