Move the canvas with shift and ctrl + mousewheel (just like figma) [improvement]

Hello! Congrats for this great software. ## Feature Request/Improvement: Move the canvas using: - the mousewheel to move up and down (default web behaviour) - shift + mousewheel to move left and right - ctrl + mousewheel to zoom in and out ## Why? 1. Nowadays, some little bugs happen when draggind the canvas around. Sometimes I grab the empty screen, but accidentally move a block (even if I clicked far from the block). If I do a single click once on the canvas, and then click again to grab the screen, then everything works fine. 2. The above mentioned way can make us more faster to move around 3. It is a usual way to move around canvas, used in some great softares, such as Figma and Manychat. A little improvement that would make the work way more pleasant :) Thanks in advance!